Are we ready, and at the price of what sacrifice, to live the good life together? -Bruno Latour quoted by Jane Bennett in Vibrant Matter.

A life, that is, worthy of being lived.
-Silvia Federici referring to the Spanish phrase "vida digna de ser vivida" in Re-enchanting the World.

The occasion brings together works by artists Marietta Mavrokordatou and Korallia Stergides alongside the entrepreneurial initiatives Fornelia Ovens ( and Gigantas Antaios Compressed Earth Blocks ( This crossover proposes a speculative revaluation of the significance of earth and sun, two nonhuman agencies inextricably enmeshed with human culture, towards the potential of new regimes of perception and technologies in reconfiguring the ecologies to which we belong.

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Artists: Marietta Mavrokordatou & Korallia Stergides
Location: Phytorio, Visual Artists Association Cyprus
Duration: 21/12/2019 – 22/01/2020