In Business Plan tiles are accumulated in piles that index via surfaces of encounters the very work that goes in producing them, while the function of the body in the public sphere as a site of lived truth is put to work. The visuality and circulation of bodies, and specifically of the working body, becomes the main problematic of an examination on the current state of society, where ‘to make a living’ and ‘living body’ are intertwined and feed into a loop of necessity and desire that furnishes how we come to understand our efforts and the labour that goes into realising them. The functions of bodies are involved in a politics where they become performative loci of experiences that cannot yet be adequately expressed in common language.

Text by Evagoras Vanezis

Collaborative project with Rumen Tropchev at fAN Kunstverein, Vienna, 2017. Part of a curated selection of artists invited by Irini Miga from Daily Lazy.