In 1977 the British punk rock band the Sex Pistols released their controversial song "God Save the Queen" which included the lyric: "there is no future in England's dreaming". The song became an emblematic attack on the monarchy and the treatment of working-class people in the UK. Investing in a dream means trading the present. The success of an ideology or faith relies on this credit system. Culture is a dreamscape of promises. The phrase "no future" went on to become representative of the punk movement.

Punk politics insists on a DIY ethic as necessary for non-conformity. The less we witness and understand how things work the more susceptible we become to exploitation. Computer-mediated communication technologies require users to invest in digital identities and trade physical presence. Perception-credit, or the extent we are willing to forgo understanding what we are perceiving, has become a currency in the mise-en-scène economy of daily life. As a result, our perception of time/actions and space/objects is constantly warping between dimensions.

Artists: Raissa Angeli, Michalis Charalambous, Maria Loizidou, Olga Micińska
Location: Thkio Ppalies, Nicosia, Cyprus
Duration: 08/09 - 06/10/2017