The conditions of the appearance of AyeBaDome are not clear. AyeBaDome is a word of hybrid mutation; the result of autocorrection by a mobile phone’s algorithmic surveillance of its user’s typing habits. Autocorrection and predictive input methods layer language formation with a technologically mediated level of complexity, which creates words that can be used as the new vernacular.

AyeBaDome:Super presents an opportunity to usurp the signifying power of this hybrid. By giving it the status of an open discursive field that functions within the interstitial space of art, an open, non-whole point of enunciation is created. The works in this exhibition create series of fluid differentiality. Working differentially – that is, creating with and whilst immersed in cultural tropes that often appear as the very thing that blocks change – is the contemporary exigency of our being-with.

In a society such as the Cypriot one, where the local dialect creates a disjuncture between official and everyday speech, the space for differentiation is continually open and local identities are built on difference. It is this disjuncture that allows the works in this exhibition to raise their demands in a way that reveals what constitutes the innermost convictions and desires that create the shared intersubjective space of society. AyeBeDome is a hybridising sign that challenges us to give time to the works themselves to infiltrate and infect processes of translation and thus change and expand the social conditions of political enunciation.

Text by Evagoras Vanezis

Artists: Orestis Lazouras, Panagiotis Mina, Nayia Savva, Efi Savvides, Constantinos Taliotis, Maria Toumazou, Marina Xenofontos, Natalie Yiaxi
Location: Thkio Ppalies, Nicosia, Cyprus
Duration: 29/01 - 05/03/2016