“Seva” is a Sanskrit word meaning selfless service, to perform work without expecting reward. It was believed to contribute to the improvement of a sense of community. The Seva project is an experiment in self-organization as a means of undoing hierarchical structures. Visual references include meteor craters, amphitheaters and archaeological excavations; respectively translating to wonder, community and curiosity - three qualities practiced by Honest Electronics that inspired the concept and design of the stage for The Gathering II sound & music festival 2017.

Enormous thanks to: Alexis Anthony Ambrose, Aristos Ioannou, Christiana Michaelidou (Nana), Elena Savvidou, Emiddio Vasquez Hadjilyra, Hamish Trevis, Jimmy Kallas, Konstantinos Evangelou, Kyriakos Imanimis, Loukas Koumantaris (Kaleburnos), Maria Spivak, Michalis Charalambous, Michalis Komodromos, Nick Herzberg, Nico Stephou, Panagiotis Mina (Panny), Raissa Angeli, Savvas Vanezis, Veronica Georgiou (Mohama), Yiannis Iasonos & to the organizers of The Gathering II for an unforgettable experience.