Maria Toumazou introduces new works across two sites: a photocopy room at the headquarters of a market research company in Latsia and a field previously used as a greenhouse for snail farming in Geri. As with her collective project space Neoterismoi Toumazou – which was initially run by her grandfather as a clothing and novelty shop, catering mostly to locals and UN soldiers, in old Nicosia from the 70s up until 2013 – both sites are associated to Maria’s family. The personal is fragmented and extended outward to embody social, political and economic temporalities across particular material and architectural developments.

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Artist: Maria Toumazou
A Thkio Ppalies off-site exhibition
Locations: RAI Consultants LTD, 213 Yiannou Kranidioti str, Latsia, 2234 Nicosia & 113 Arhaias Ledras str, Geri, 2201 Nicosia
Duration: 30/09 - 24/10/2018